Personal Home Shopper

This is an exclusive service that consists of  personal assistance in interior design. We will go with you to help you choose whatever you need to decorate or furnish a space, giving you advice on the most suitable shops following your likes, budget and needs.

Home Staging

If you have a home, space or room to rent or sell, we will help you by giving it a makeover in order for it to look more appealing for potential buyers or tenants, for an affordable budget. We will focus on the space’s strengths and conceal its weaknesses.

This service includes a memoir with current state floor plans, furnishing, finish quality, accessories, selection, transportation and assembly.


If you wish to turn around a space at home, you got bored or your needs have changed and you need to redesign or renew your furnishings, or give a space a new look, this is the service you are looking for. We are committed to improve a space with just a few changes and a fixed quote.

This service includes a descriptive memoir with current state floor plans, furnishing, sections, detailed materials list, finish quality, accessories, selection, transportation and assembly with final props.

Interior Design Projects

This is your service when you need a complete change in distribution. We will visit your home and depending on the current state, your needs and likes we would  propose several options taking into account the space and budget.

This service includes current state floor plans, distribution, furnishing, finish quality, materials list, electrical and plumbing installation lighting, sections, 3D presentations and if you wish you can hire the project management at an extra cost, which will vary depending on the amount of work required.

Rendering Solutions for professionals

We offer online solutions.

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